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How do I applicate myself or my child?

A registration form is handed out for the courses in general only after a passed test class.

A test training is free with us and serves to ascertain in addition whether the you or your child is suitable for the ballet lessons and if so, for which class / level.

Please, agree in advance on a test training with us, because we try not to disturb too often the classes with these.

What do you need to take part in a test class?

For the test class you need not to buy anything! Because our children carry a uniform, you can acquire this after passed test class through us.

Bring please comfortable, clinging clothing. If you already have ballet shoes, take them with you, otherwise please wear cotton socks. Water for drinking is required!

Please, for all children a bun hairstyle! Here one more link to practise those:

Where do I get a registration form?

You will get a registration form after the passed test class.

How long does a course last?

We have sequential courses. The children come after passed check every year to the next higher class step, without a renewed registration. Leave of the courses is possible with a 3-month term at the month end any time.

How are the holidays regulated in the ballet school?

Our ballet school has closed in the Hessian school holidays and on school-covering holidays.

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Probestunde vereinbaren

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